Infraready Ghost Hunting Equipment & Digital Infrared Cameras

Infraready Limited…Who are they, what do they do?

It’s simple! Our aim is to delight our customer and exceed your expectations! Our team has over 30 years of experience in Electronics Servicing, Customer Service and Photography.

Infraready was established as a Limited Company in the UK in 2013. We are a small family run business that pride ourselves on supplying quality products that meet your expectations first time. We supply a wide range of Digital Cameras that are internally modified the specification of your choice. We aim to meet all budgets no matter how small and continue to add new devices to our range one to ensure we offer the most advanced products in line with current technology.

We happily provide advice prior to purchase without obligation, just email us or better still pick up the phone as its often easier to talk. Its better to contact us between 19:00 – 21:00 GMT so if we are unavailable leave a message and we will get back at a time to suit. Likewise we continue to offer full post sale support to help you get the most out of your purchase.

We started off trading on Ebay (Infraready) and moved from strength to strength. Our initial market was to sell Digital Cameras modified to Infrared but as the principles of how our camera operate attracted a great interest from other fields for different purposes from customers around the globe.

These include: Bats Conservation Trust – Used to monitor and the activity of Bats

Nocturnal Wildlife Trusts – Discreetly filming Bats, Badgers and Beavers

Leicester University – NVDI capable cameras, drone mounted for crop health surveys

Oxford University – Study and Viewing of Infrared Lasers that are invisible to the human eye

Royal Holloway University of Biological Science – 24 hour Timelapse of Crabs Feeding / Mating patterns

University of Naples Frederico II – Study of flower markings and Bee pollination using specialist UV Lenses, Camera and filters

Curtin University of Perth / Kings Park & Botantic Garden – Study of Orchid markings and Bee pollination using specialist UV Lenses, Camera and filters

Leading Paranormal Groups – Used by the individual having a passion for the paranormal and groups from around the world. We have a site dedicated to the paranormal,

Malaysian UFO Groups – Used for skywatching / UFO spotting

Astrophotography Groups – Capturing Nebula, Planets and other objects usually hidden away in unseen wavelengths of light

Sotherbys Auctions – Penetrating the surface of paintings to discover original pencil / charcoal markings made by the artists as a guide when paintings. These markings have often been found to differ from those of the final painting and help to show where the artists made changes

Stamp Collectors – Checking the authenticity of the most desirable and collectable stamps such as the Penny Black

National Stereoscopic Society – Aiding the group to capture Infrared Images in 3D

Film Makers – Our devices have been used by up and coming and professional film makers to complement their equipment and provide an alternative view of the world. These have been used on location from London to Hollywood, Hawaii and Japan.

That’s just a little of what we do best.


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