Infraready Ghost Hunting Equipment & Digital Infrared Cameras

Infraready Limited…Who are they, what do they do? It's simple! Our aim is to delight our customer and exceed your expectations! Our team has over 30 years of experience in Electronics Servicing, Customer Service and Photography. Infraready was established as a Limited Company in the UK in 2013. We are a small family run business… Continue reading Infraready Ghost Hunting Equipment & Digital Infrared Cameras


The Pendle Witches

The Pendle Witches are cast in our culture and to date go down as among the most famous Witches and Witch Trails in English History. The spell binding tail of the twelve accused is one of the best recorded in the 17th Century. Documented at the time by a clerk to the Court Thomas Potts,… Continue reading The Pendle Witches

The Legend of Black Shuck

A foul introduction On the 4th August 1577 Blythburgh, Suffolk local villagers were sheltering from an almighty storm inside Holy Trinity Church when a clap of thunder so violent made the heavy church doors burst open. To their horror a giant black dog with red eyes came crashing in. Killing two of the villagers before… Continue reading The Legend of Black Shuck


Fantastic photograph or fantastic psychology.... A common occurrence throughout the paranormal field is the identification of ghostly figures and faces in photographs. I would honestly say 95% of these apparent fantastic photographs can be simply debunked by pareidolia. So.... What is pareidolia Pareidolia can cause people to interpret random images, or patterns of light and… Continue reading Pareidolia